You Must Know This Before Choosing Cork Drinking Coasters

Both in interior stores and online stores, cork coasters are quite common. However, it will be seen that the price of one cork coaster with the other cork varies quite a lot. Therefore, if you want to make sure to spend your money on the perfect coasters, perhaps you must order some custom coasters.

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However, do you know that thickness and size do matter in choosing glass coasters? That’s why you must check out these tips to choose cork glass coasters based on their thickness and size:

Never ignore the coaster’s size and thickness

The benefits you feel when using cork coasters will differ depending on the size and thickness. Therefore, you should not choose based solely on low prices. Let’s examine each cork coaster in more detail.

Adjust the size with your glass

Adjust the size of the cork coaster with your glass or cup. Coasters usually have a diameter of 9 cm or more which is not too far from the size of most glasses. This site can be your guide when choosing a coaster.

Do you want to use cork coasters for large food containers, such as bowls, small plates, to beer glasses? There are not too many cork coasters that are sold in large sizes.

However, nowadays large cork coasters can be easily found in online stores, especially those shipped from abroad. If you do not find a suitable coaster size, some manufacturers in the online shop also accept custom orders!

Pay attention to the thickness of the cork coaster

The thickness of the foam tray is generally 0.5–2 mm. If the thickness is not enough, the cork will feel thin, brittle, and less able to absorb water. On the other hand, a foam base with a thickness of more than 2 mm or more makes your glass higher than the table surface. Be careful not to knock your glass and drop it. So, check the thickness of the foam tray before buying.

However, unfortunately, most sellers do not write product thickness information in the online shop. If this is the case, you can ask the seller directly. Then, if you don’t find the right thickness, order a custom size from a trusted seller.