How do I get my listing Featured on the homepage?

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If you have an Owner-Pro account or higher your listing is automatically added to the featered listings "carousel" as it is called.

Each featured listing slides across, 1 at a time. NOTE: New listings do spend some time on the homepage anyway, in the recent listings box but these move down the list as new properties are listed.

Owner Basic and Semi-Pro do not have this feature available however you can upgrade your listing to Owner Pro at any time to place your property in the Featured Listings. Of course if you upgrade you also benefit from additional photos and all the other extra features available.

If, after a period of time, you notice no real change to your enquiries then you can always downgrade your account back to basic or semi-pro.

TIP: Even if your property is Featured the photo that is shown needs to really stand out! It's the first thing a visitor sees and it's only a small thumbnail photo. Long shots with a tiny house in the distance might not be all that attractive and "clickable".