How do I add photos to my listing gallery?

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Additional photos for your gallery have to be added after the listing is created.

The first stage is to create your listing with a single cover photo THEN you create the gallery of photos to accompnay the listing.

You add your first photo in the same section you add all of your other property details.

Then you have to submit the listing to create it before you can then (from your control panel) EDIT the listing to begin to add your gallery photos.

Click on Edit Listings in Account Menu (right column)

You will be taken to a search results page (this is for accounts that have more than one listing. if you only have 1 listings, it's the only one displayed).

Click on your listing and you are shown the Edit Listing page.

Under Listing Menu near the top of the screenshot above you can see a link for Photo Gallery (Note, the video gallery option is disabled as video files are far too big for my server to handle). Click the Photo Gallery link and you can begin to add photos.

The system will allow you to upload several photos but bear in mind, depending on your listing package, only 4, 8 or 10 will actually be shown in your listing.

TIP: For each of your photos you have to give a title and you have the option to include a description and keywords. Take advantage of this as the descriptions and keywords in your listing all help with internal and external (eg Google) search engine results. You want people to find your listing easily don't you?